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When you apply Kodi in conditions hardware-limited platform, such as, for example, raspberry PI and question comes to OS, you have 3-and main SOFTWARE: Libre, OpenELEC or Osms. All these operating systems were created specifically for work on limited hardware — telly and other devices. Most will function exclusively on certain foundations, and all of them include in composition special form of Kodi, as a functional. Here we give a Comparison of OSMC Vs operating systems. OpenELEC Vs. LibreELEC, vero osmc and start with short discuss the history of these 3 operating systems.

Obviously all they linked to some extent. We will be use Raspberry PI in the quality of our comparative the, since all three operating systems correlate with her. In situations, if you are not familiar with this device, represent Raspberry PI and in a nutshell describe it dominant functional, advantages and limitations. Next we introduce each operating system, consider them installation and their operation.

To better understand what distinguishes them one from the other, and how they are similar, helps realize where come operating systems. First of trio is OpenELEC. It was launched back in 2009 as another operating system Linux, OS with free source code. This distribution was creative, because mostly it was intended for run XMBC, ancestor Kodi. He is included a extra packages, that provide an opportunity a huge number of distributions Linux to do the original computer appropriate for the use of equipment. OpenELEC at that time was most operational and efficient.

When raspberry Pi started in twelfth, it instantly became optimal budget platform for creation multimedia computer. OpenELEC ported under specified site, that has all necessary functionality. Its built-in IN the media and the ability to work on a shoestring hardware did it ideal tools.

The younger from three OS - LibreELEC, which was released only early spring sixteenth. It was released team of former developers OpenELEC, abandoned the project due to „creative differences“. Rumors, most of them cooperate with the command this OS.

So: honest and objective opinion what of the three Champions to choose. it is Obvious that can be more the only one answer to a specified question.

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