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 +====== Best pizza oven construction ======
 +Pizza has always been understood as a meal high in weight and massive guilt factor [[https://​​klerson|pizza cooker]].
 +But, based on a study, it also can lower your own risk associated with making a sorts of disease.
 +Researchers [[https://​​user/​view/​klerson|my site]] found that those who took pizza at least twice weekly were 59 per cent less likely to develop cancer in the oesophagus, experienced a 34 per dollar lower risk associated with neck growth and were 26 per cent less likely to get colorectal cancer.
 +There is increasing evidence of this benefits of a diet full in tomato sauce, but this is the new to authorities [[https://​​klerson|visit www]] say called for eating pizza could fight disease.
 +Dr Silvano Gallus, of the [[https://​​users/​klinger|visit www]] Mario Negri Company for Prescription Exploration into Milan, said: 'We learned that the tomatoes used in the spices are considered to be a meal to reduces certain tumours.
 +'​However,​ we failed to presume that pizza as a whole provide such large prevention against cancer.'​ The study involved 3,315 patients with tumours of the digestive system who were compared to almost 5,000 people suffering other ailments.
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